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13 Favorite Christmas Books For Your Little Ones

December 17, 2018

The month of December is flying by and I can't believe that Christmas is around the corner! I am so excited to be guest posting for Once Upon a Child again this month. If you are new here, my name is Chelsee Hood and I blog over at The House of Hood Blog. We are based in Portland Oregon and write about our adventures in the Pacific Northwest, DIY, home decor, travel, party ideas, etc! We are avid readers in our home, and our 2 and 4 year old daughters LOVE being read to. I can't wait for them to learn to read on their own. For now, reading to them is one of our favorite pastimes. Today, I am sharing 13 favorite Christmas books for your little ones. Some books are classic and some are new! Hopefully you find a new to you Christmas book to check out!

1.    A Charlie Brown Christmas: We always seem to kick off every holiday with a Charlie Brown show, and the book version is such a cute classic!
2.    How The Grinch Stole Christmas: The girls have really been into the Grinch lately with the new movie coming out this year. We are going to see it this week and they can't stop asking for us to read the book! We love anything Dr. Seuss.  
3.    Little Blue Truck's Christmas: All the Little Blue Truck books are SO cute. This one has lights inside too which the girls absolutely love.  
4.    Pick a Pine Tree: We cut our tree down every year, so this is a fun book to read before we head to the tree farm. Plus, the illustrations are really cute so it looks adorable on our book shelf!  
5.    How to Catch an Elf: We love this series and have the "How to Catch a Snowman" book which the girls love. The Elf version is really cute too.  
6.    The Nutcracker (Baby Lit Version): I love the whole Baby Lit series for babies, and the Nutcracker version is so cute. These make great gifts for babies too!
7.    The Polar Express: Another great classic! We are taking our first Christmas train ride this year, so we'll be reading this before we go.  
8.    The Wish Tree: This book has such a cute concept and I love the illustrations.  
9.    The Night Before Christmas: This classic gets read often throughout the month in our home. This version has classic illustrations which I love.  
10.    The Nutcracker: I purchased this version of the Nutcracker last year before we took McKinlee to the Nutracker for the first time. It has the cutest illustrations and looks really special sitting on a bookshelf.  
11.    Pinkalicious Merry Christmas: The girls love anything Pinkalicious, and this one doesn't disappoint!  
12.    When Santa was a Baby: How cute is this book?! The girls love talking about what Santa would be like as a baby!  
13.    Llama Llama Jingle Bells: We love all the Llama Llama books, and there are several Christmas versions out but this one is our favorite.  

I hope you found some great options to add to your Christmas book collection! Thank you so much for reading!  

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