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Five Easy School Lunches

September 4, 2018

Hi there! I'm Chelsee Hood and I'm so glad to be guest posting today!  I have a lifestyle blog for the modern mom over at The House of Hood Blog. We are also super active over on Instagram. Make sure to check out all our fun there too! My husband Ryan and I live in Portland Oregon with our two daughters, McKinlee (4) and Madi (2). Today, I am going to be sharing five super easy school lunch ideas for younger kids. These could be for school, the park, the zoo, wherever! We use a bento box by Planet Box, but these could work in a regular lunch box too. They are super convenient and the girls love all the divided compartments. We add an ice pack to their lunch bag to keep them cold. With young children, I find that it's great to have variety and an interesting set up (which is what the bento box provides). Here are our five super easy school lunch ideas for younger kids!

Meal One - DIY Pasta Salad
Our first lunch is a cold pasta salad with feta cheese, kalamata olives and mix ins. I added sliced tomatoes and cucumbers so kids could have fun adding the ingredients. There is also a side of Italian dressing to pour on top. This lunch is accompanied by sliced apples, rolled up turkey lunch meat, and cheddar popcorn.  

Meal Two - Deconstructed Tacos
Our next lunch is a deconstructed taco plate so your little ones can make their own tacos! This is super easy because I used ground taco meat that we had for dinner the night before. These are served with cut cherry tomatoes, lettuce, shredded cheese, and olives.  I added sliced strawberries and a side of chips and salsa.  

Meal Three - Brunch
Our girls could eat breakfast for every meal of the day! For this lunch (or brunch), we have mini pancakes wrapped around turkey breakfast sausage, syrup to dip, sliced bananas, sliced strawberries, and cheerios!  

Meal Four - PB&J "Sushi"
What kid doesn't love PB&J? These can be made with sun butter if there is a no peanut rule or allergy too. For this lunch, I took two pieces of wheat bread, cut the crust off, and rolled them flat with a rolling pin. Then, I spread peanut butter and jelly, rolled them up, and sliced at an angle. It's a fun way to enjoy something they love a new way! There are carrot chips served with hummus, sliced grapes, sliced cheese and coconut clusters. I've also found that sometimes when I cut things into interesting shapes, my kids or more likely to eat them (or at least try them!). 

Meal Five - DIY Lunch-able
Who didn't love Lunch-ables growing up?! I've gotten them for the girls, and I can't believe how easy it is to make your own (and not to mention way healthier!). For this lunch, I cut cheese and turkey slices into stars with a cookie cutter, added crackers and pretzels, watermelon, and sliced carrots. Since it's our last lunch of the week and we made it to Friday, I added a small container of chocolate chips!  
There you have it! Five super easy lunch ideas for younger kids. Hopefully you'll be able to incorporate these into your lunch routine this year!  

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