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3 Potty Training Hacks

November 4, 2016

One of life’s first biggest successes…being potty trained! A skill that will carry you for life. True, it doesn’t always come easy and it is definitely an adventure for all parties involved – you might even get some stories to tell at their wedding someday. Everyone develops methods and ways to make this process well, um…go, but we thought we should throw our hat in the ring with these three potty training hacks.

Give a Reward

When we say ‘reward’ there are some things to consider. We are talking about something they always want or won’t grow tired of receiving. This also has to be something that they only get when they use the potty successfully, otherwise if they get it when they aren’t successful it won’t be an incentive anymore. This also means you have to stick to your guns or they will know you aren’t serious about it. Associate the success with verbal praise so it is easier to ween off the candy or toy, and show them they are doing a good thing even without a reward. Ah, it would be nice to be rewarded whenever we use the potty, right? If you’re looking for rewards for yourself, maybe as a bonus for making it through potty training with your sanity, check out your local Once Upon a Child for gently used kids’ stuff that your child will love, at prices you’ll love.

Dealing with “Number 2”

Having a little potty to use for your child will give them a sense of independence and make them feel comfortable before moving up to “the big potty”. Hopping on a big person potty can be intimidating (“Will I fall in?”). Using the potty training toilet is also pretty easy for you to clean up – well, at least half of the time. Dumping “number 1” into the toilet is an easy fix, but what about the messier number? Well, we have a solution…Use a coffee filter. Yup, a standard size coffee filter fits perfectly in the bowl. Just put a new coffee filter in the bottom of the potty after each use, and you don’t have to worry about it later! This enables a cheap, no mess clean up. Word of caution: you can’t flush the coffee filters (we know, that would be even more awesome), but they can be easily disposed of right in your diaper pail. Once your child is comfortable with the potty chair, move them to the big person potty with a special seat adapter and step “stool” for a stronger feeling of independence and an even easier clean up. Not to mention kids love to flush!

Public Restroom Preparation

There’s no denying nature will call outside of the house. We sometimes would rather hold it, but when it comes to our kids…well, that’s just not an option. To make this easier on both of you, try carrying a fold up travel potty seat (yeah, that’s a real thing!). Some kids can even bring them to school when they need to use the potty. Make sure to rehearse using the travel potty seat on the big potty at home to avoid any troubles during the real event. We know you probably already have these in your bag, but always carry wipes and hand sanitizer, need we say more?

We wish you and your child the best of luck in this endeavor. Although it may not happen right away, stay positive and always be encouraging. Remember, that potty trainer used to be you and everyone learns eventually! 

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