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Teach Your Kids Safety Rules For Halloween Fun

October 17, 2016

We know that when it comes to Halloween, all your child is thinking about is candy, costumes, and fun! We also know as a parent or guardian, you’re thinking safety, safety, and more safety…and then fun! No worries, we want you and your child’s Halloween experience to be a memorable, exciting, and safe experience. You know what is best for your child, but we wanted to put together some ways you can teach your kids safety on this special night and still have Halloween fun!

Rules of the Road.

Trick-or-treating is of course a child’s favorite part of the night. Who doesn’t want to dress up in their favorite costume and get free candy? This also means a lot of walking on streets and roads. Take this opportunity to show your child how to look both ways and navigate safely. Little kids should also wear reflective tape or glow sticks when walking around at night. They can also carry flashlights for safe navigation and visibility.  Stay clear and out of the way of traffic whenever possible until it is safe to walk. These tips will help your child on occasions more than just Halloween night. Most importantly, make note to never take rides from strangers and to stay with the group at all times.

Safe Costumes.

If your child has accessories with their costumes, watch that they are not sharp or flammable, and keep them away from flames or luminaries to avoid accidents. Always help them test make up on small parts of the skin to avoid rash or irritation. Be sure that your child can remove pieces of their costumes, particularly masks, to avoid breathing troubles. If your child is under the age of four, make sure that there are no removable pieces to their costume they can ingest. Lastly, check the length of any costumes to ensure they won’t trip or stumble over their costume as they run up the next set of stairs.

Happy Eating.

Be sure to have a healthy dinner to energize for the evening, and prevent over-eating of candy later. Teach your kids to eat only fully wrapped, factory-made candy rather than homemade treats. This is also a great opportunity to explain the importance of oral care after all the sugar. Be sure to inspect all treats with your child when you get home and try to ration them for enjoyment days after the big night.

We hope that your Halloween is as safe and fun as possible. Make a plan with your child and always have an emergency plan too. Be sure that your house is clear of any hazards for visitors you may have. If you have an older child make sure they stay in familiar areas in the neighborhood and know to only go to well-lit houses. Communication is key to a safe and successful night. This a unique time for you and your child to be anything you want, eat some delicious treats, and teach valuable lessons for any day of the year.


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