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Tips For Buying Or Selling Gently-Used Halloween Costumes

October 5, 2016

BOO!...With Halloween around the corner it is time to start preparing for one of the best nights of a young child’s life. Getting to dress up as your favorite character and get free candy? You can’t beat it! We at Once Upon A Child know the importance of this day and the work involved with finding a cute, safe, and affordable costume. Your child may only wear their costume a couple of times before it hits the closet so we put together some tips for buying and selling gently-used Halloween costumes. This day shouldn’t empty your pocket book; rather, it should be a fun, safe, and exciting time for you and your little goblin, superhero, or princess.

When it comes to buying a Halloween costume, the first rule is HAVE FUN.

If your child doesn’t like to shop, this purchase will turn that attitude around. Picking out a Halloween costume to become anything they want is an exciting experience. Our franchised stores carry a “scary” amount of costumes to choose from. Don’t be afraid to call ahead to your local store to see if they have what you’re looking for. Rest assured we buy with your child in mind. Our selection is gently used – meaning they are safe, clean, and current within the last couple of years. Chances are you will find something you want your child trick-or-treating in and that matches what your child wants to be! We know this is something your child may only wear a time or two (or maybe wear straight for three days) so before you rush to the big box store, save some time and money with a selection that fits your budget.

You may not be able to get free candy this Halloween, but you can definitely get a treat.

Wash and pack your own current and gently-used Halloween costumes and receive 30% to 50% what they sell for. The reason that Once Upon A Child has such a great assortment is because we are very selective. So be sure to inspect your gently-used costumes or call ahead and see what your local store is accepting. What one store takes may differ from another, so don’t take it personally.

Whether you decide to buy or sell your costume with Once Upon A Child don’t be too scared to check out this video on tips for buying or selling any gently-used kids item. We specialize in providing safe and current items for anytime of the year with your trick-or-treater in mind. So be safe and have fun, and Happy Halloween from all of us at Once Upon A Child.

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