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Celebrate Grandparents Day with these 4 Fun Activities!

September 7, 2016

There is nothing quite like the bond between grandparents and grandchildren. We all love our parents growing up, but getting the love and spoils of grandparents is something special. We all enjoy going to grandma’s or grandpa’s house knowing we will get special love from the people that started our family, nurtured us, and supported us. This relationship is like none other and whoever fits the grandparent mold for you, we have 4 activities to celebrate this fantastic day. Remember! Grandparents Day is coming up on Sunday, September 11, 2016!

Make a Family Tree

This is a great way to teach our kids where they come from as well as a little history. With simple craft supplies and family photographs, make a tree to post the pictures on to illustrate your family lineage. Have a conversation about the people in your family, how they met, where they are from, and see your child’s love and appreciation for your family blossom.

Cook a Family Recipe Together

Everyone can enjoy this one. We all have that secret family recipe – now is the time to pass it down. Make a day of it by going to the store together and preparing the meal at home. Not only will you eat a great meal, but your child will get to swap stories, learn the secret family ingredient, and have a recipe they can one day pass down to their grandchildren.

Have a Memory Box Treasure Hunt

Kids love a treasure hunt. Fill a box with mementos like old jewelry, pictures, and family heirlooms. Have a treasure hunt together and when you find it, explain why these items are significant and special to you and the family. You can make this day extra special by passing one of the items down to the grandchildren.

Let the Grandparents Be Kids

Times are changing and our kids may not do things quite like grandma and grandpa did. Take a day to show your kids what their grandparents did for fun at their age. Swap stories and show them how things were “back in the day”. Grandparents will find it rewarding reliving those days with their special children and the kids will learn other ways to have fun and experience what grandma and grandpa did when they were young.

Although it is not always easy, one of the best ways to enjoy this day is without mom or dad…that’s right, we said it. As we mentioned before this is a day to enjoy the special grandparent-grandchild bond and to create memories and relationships that your child will cherish forever. Be sure to make it a yearly tradition. We won’t have our grandparents forever and we should take every moment we can to thank and love them like they love us. From Once Upon A Child, Happy Grandparents Day!

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