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Where To Buy What You Didn’t Get At Your Baby Shower

June 16, 2016

You had your baby shower, and it was amazing. You had family and friends there to support you and shower you with gifts to celebrate this incredible time. Everything you received was perfect, and, well, everyone bought you the cutest outfits your child will need until they’re 12. But where to go when we need to get what wasn’t gifted? Once Upon A Child is the answer. With a large and diverse supply of gently used kids’ stuff, Once Upon A Child is the one size fits all place to get what your bundle of joy will need. But hey, we’re still grateful and thankful for what we did get.

Baby Gear

Our newborns need to accessorize. Once Upon A Child has all the baby gear you didn’t get at your baby shower. Let’s face it, some of these gear items can leave a dent in the savings, but the good news is that Once Upon A Child offers all your baby gear needs for less than going to the big box store. From baby monitors, to strollers, to swings and playards, you take your pick. These items can be costly and have a short window in your child’s life so why pay big bucks?


This is our personal favorite. We pride ourselves on our wide selection of items, but who isn’t excited about toys? Nothing like finding something that will bring a smile to our baby’s face. We know that not every toy will be their favorite so why not save on brand new books, toys, puzzles, and games and get a wider variety for a lower price at Once Upon A Child.

Stop In and See Us!

We know our babies won’t be small forever, so add a stop into your local Once Upon A Child to your post-baby shower to-do list. We are the place to sell to when your kids outgrow their gifts. Sometimes you can’t return your gifts, and Once Upon A Child will purchase those great gently used outfits and items and save you time. While you’re at it, you might find another cute outfit or gift from you to your baby.

We’re all blessed for the gifts we get at our showers, but sometimes we have to take matters into our own hands. Our stores carry everything that you might not get at your baby shower, and if you need to buy a gift for a baby shower you’ll be attending, Once Upon A Child is your go-to baby shower store.  Can’t decide on an item? Our gift cards are always the perfect gift.



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