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5 Things Dads Teach Us

June 6, 2016

Dads, stepdads, adoptive dads, and foster dads…what can we say about our heroes? They can do anything, literally anything. They are our coaches, best friends, and protectors. We put them on a pedestal because they are our “go-to guy”. Dads are special because they teach us lessons that nobody else can. It doesn’t matter what kind of Dad we have. They teach us things we hold dear our entire lives; invaluable things that we hope to pass on to our own children.

Work Hard

No matter what Dad does, we always see him working hard. Not just with a job, but at life. Sticking to true values and being someone to rely upon is always Dad’s duty. He teaches us that life can be thankless but that should never stop us from giving it our all and going to bed knowing we did everything we could.

Family Matters

Dads always seem to prioritize their family and even their friends above all else. Dads teach us what it means to be selfless and dependable. We also learn in times of uncertainty that family is unconditional and always there for you, and you should always be there for them.

You Can Always Ask Dad

“What did Mom say?” This is a typical dad response right? But in some way Dad always seems to come to bat for what we want. Not only for permission when we’re younger but a friend when we’re older. Dad always has an unbiased and judgeless attitude toward us that tells us we can always go to him, and we know we’ll get an honest response.

Stand Up For Yourself

Tough love. Dads know all about it. We know Mom cares, but Dad is always there to tell it like it is. We learn that we need to stand up for ourselves no matter what – on the playground, at work, or wherever it may be. We need to have an aggressive side without being an aggressor. It’s that rough and tough, yet kind and gentle, presence that Dad teaches us when handling other people. Dad is like Superman and we know from watching him that we shouldn’t let anyone push us around.

Never Underestimate Humor

We all know those “Dad jokes” – those lame yet curiously funny jokes that require nothing more than a play on words. It’s that simplistic style of humor that teaches us that it’s the little things that make people happy. It also shows us that there’s something about sharing a laugh that brings people together.

So, cheers to you Dad! For teaching us things that you may not even realize, but will stay with us forever. These are the lessons that we can only learn from you and the role you play in our lives. They may not always be the most fun lessons, but we need them, and we thank you. Happy Father’s Day from Once Upon A Child!

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