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Valentine's Play Date For Toddlers

February 4, 2019

We made it through January, can you believe it?! This month has gone by so slow and we are ready for spring! Do you love hosting fun and festive playdates? With Valentine’s Day coming up, why not host a Valentine’s Day playdate for your kids?

We invited our friends over to have a fun little playdate with light snacks, cookies and a super simple craft. Toddlers are really easy to please (usually!) so we keep things simple. I’ve seen lots of cute ideas on Pinterest with heart-shaped cheese and heart-shaped sandwiches that you could totally serve at your party. We did easy heart-shaped cookies and yogurt-covered pretzels with some simple toddler finger food. I also love festive decor, so we did a simple balloon garland (see our full tutorial here), some glitter garland, party hats and pink/red/white flatware. The girls also wore fun Valentine tutus. The balloon garlands really make your parties pop (not literally!) and I promise they really are easy!

Easy Craft Idea

For our craft (we always have a craft at our parties) I had pink heart-shaped doilies and red construction paper for the kids to glue pom-poms, googly eyes, foam hearts, glitter, etc. to. We always keep a stash of these items in our craft cabinet. I had containers with glue and Q-tips for them to use to make things simple. We also had pipe cleaners if they wanted to use those. This was a hit! Everything was kept in separate containers to try to keep things neat and tidy. It would also be fun to have the kids make their own Valentine’s Day containers (to store their valentines in) for school if they are older.

I hope you are able to put together a fun Valentine’s Day playdate over the next couple of weeks for your little valentines! Check out my blog at The House Of Hood Blog for all things motherhood, travel with kids, party ideas, DIY, simple recipes and home décor!

Blog By: Chelsee Hood

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